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          Moving Your Home Office / Den

Electronics Care
Special preparation is required for large screen televisions and other electronics:
If the original carton and packing materials are no longer available, you may need to crate it prior to moving day. If the item can fit in another sturdy carton, line it with plenty of newsprint paper or styrofoam before packing. Seal securely and mark “Extremely Fragile” on the carton.
When packing a personal computer, printer, scanner, or other equipment:


Label cords and cables so you'll know which goes where, and pack them in the same box as the electronic equipment they go with.



Office Furniture
Any modular office furniture will need to be dismantled prior to move day. Use tape to mark where pieces go together and keep the hardware together (including drawer pulls) in one spot, like a plastic bag or coffee can.


If you're applying for a mortgage, gather together your financial paperwork before you move: W2s, pay stubs, social security cards, bank records, etc.


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